We Are Responsible for Our Own Health Care!

As I have watched the advent of managed care deteriorate the American healthcare system (just my opinion!), I have come to one conclusion:We are responsible for our own health care. Period.Long gone are the days of staying in a hospital until, dare I say it, you are actually well. Long gone are the times when a doctor will actually talk to you for more than ten minutes to find out everything that is going on that may contribute to your condition (such as environment, mental health, or other circumstances).I liken some hospitals to assembly lines – in, put back together, out. I liken some nursing homes to warehouses where people sit and, for lack of a better term, rot. Many people cannot stomach this truth but need to know it because it may affect them somehow. These are the areas that also need healthcare reform.In becoming responsible for our own health care, we must become educated and empowered. We need to:
• become educated about the prevention of conditions.
• become educated about the conditions we do have and the maintenance of conditions.
• do the things we have to do to maximize our health.
• choose a healthcare team that we like and that will be aggressive with our care.
• choose a healthcare team that will give us good treatment during our healthcare treatment.
• ask questions, and question the answers!You may have more needs to be responsible for your health care, according to who you are, your cultural customs, religion, etc. while the above list is absolutely essential, you must consider your personal needs and requirements while handling your health care and treatment.My mom used to believe that everything the doctor said was the gospel. I am not of that school of thought because doctors PRACTICE medicine. It is not a perfect science. But knowing that should be why you are vigilant in caring for yourself and your loved ones. The responsibility will always fall on the patient.It is more important now than ever before to realize that you must take the bull by the horns and handle your health, and/or the health of your loved ones. Managed care has pushed us out of the proverbial nest and made patients fly alone through a maze of diagnoses, insurance, billing, tests, appointments and everything else associated with managing your own health care.Get educated – the Internet has information on virtually everything medical and health care related.Shout it out – make your loved ones aware of your wishes for your care and treatment.Prevention – make sure you try to eat right, exercise and do your best to take care of yourself and your loved ones.Yours in Health,
Tiffany Matthews, Writer/Geriatric Patient Advocate/Hospital & Nursing Home Expert
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