American Health Care – Are We an Example?

An amazing American legislative victory over this March 2010 weekend has earned a circle on every person’s calendar. Although it’s not officially law yet, an enormous step towards universal health care has been achieved. The House has officially passed the Health Care Reform. This piece of social legislation has been a newsworthy debate by every individual who has held title of American President since 1960 when the Great Society saw the passing of Medicare and Medicaid. Universal health care coverage is the goal. The house voted 219 – 212 in favour of an overhaul of the health care system being signed into law. The Democrats passed this bill without one single Republican vote.The second bill that passed by the House on March 21 will be the bill to make adjustments to the current legislation such as lowering the taxes on high-value insurance plans and removing kickbacks like budget reconciliations. However, President Obama made a promise to continue with the consistency of some existing Federal laws of the Hyde Agreement that has been in place since 1976.The goal of this new bill is to make the practice of medicine and health care providers more efficient. They would be rewarded on how well they treat patients instead of the current method of how much care they provide to individual patients. The bill would also make available health coverage to approximately 32 million legal Americans, increasing the number to 95% coverage from the current 83%.Even in Canada where Medicare has existed in one form or another since 1968, you can fall victim to debt resulting in bad credit due to medical bills from a rejected insurance claim, for items not covered by Medicare. If you are in such a predicament, a private loan could assist with the consolidation of debt as well as to help rebuild bad credit as these financial institutions understand such situations and specialize in bad credit loans.Albeit in the United States or in Canada, like any newly implemented law, it will take time to see positive results. During the first few years, most people will notice only minor changes. If you fall into the category of denied insurance or denied insurance claims due to preexisting conditions, the good news is that the immediate changes are severe and are directed at those insurance company’s policies. The practice of denying coverage to children with preexisting conditions and dependent children under the age of 26 who cannot otherwise get healthcare, will allow them to remain covered under their parent’s policies. As well, adults with preexisting conditions will be allowed to buy coverage with high-risk companies, an option that is not available now.